Thai food in Amsterdam

Are you looking for a Thai restaurant where you can order the best Thai food in Amsterdam? Warie's Thai Food is a Thai restaurant where you can eat delicious food. If you don’t want to get out of the house, you can also place your order online.

✔ Order quickly and easily online

✔We deliver to your home

✔ Terrace on the Rozengracht

Order the best Thai food in Amsterdam

For the best Thai food in Amsterdam, you want to go to Warie's Thai Food. You can enjoy our meals at our terrace. Our restaurant is conveniently located on the corner of Lijnbaansgracht and Rozengracht. We have an extensive menu of delicious, authentic Thai dishes. From starters to main courses and from soups to salads. Do you like spicy food? Then try our Neua Pad Phed or enjoy our spicy Thai chicken soup with coconut milk. We also have food for vegetarians, like mixed vegetables with tofu or spicy Thai tofu soup. We also have special offers, like our new vegan salad.

Place your order Online

Do you want to enjoy the best Thai food on your couch in Amsterdam? Not a problem! You can easily order your favourite Thai food online. Check out our menu and choose the spicy diches that you love. When you have made your choice, just place your order online. We prepare the best Thai food in Amsterdam and bring it to your doorstep. Or come to our restaurant and try it yourself. Do you want to order Thai food, do you want to know more about our restaurant or do you have a question about a specific dish? You can always get in touch with us by visiting our restaurant or call 0206223638.